How to Apply for a Car Loan in Miami

Getting loans for a car, Cadillac or otherwise, is easy at Braman! Just apply for an auto loan. The rest is cake. Easy or not, there are still a few things to consider when and before you fill out a car loan application. Here's how to apply for a car loan the right way.

Know Your Credit Score

Before you even think about getting your car finance application started, check your credit score. It's free to check your own personal credit score, and knowing your number will allow you to shop realistically. If you notice something strange on your credit report, dispute it!

If your score isn't great, you can still apply for a car loan with bad credit. Speak with your dealer for options.

Nail Down Your Budget 

Get a budget in place and start to plan your monthly payments. You should have enough down payment to cover 20% of the purchase price of the vehicle, and your monthly auto loan payments should be no more than 10-15% of your monthly income.

Value Your Trade 

You can always use your current vehicle as a down payment (or a partial down payment). Request your trade-in value estimate online.

New or Used? 

New cars will cost more but come with lengthy warranties and the latest technology. Used cars will be more affordable but may lack some new tech and warranties (certified pre-owned vehicles excluded). Which is right for you?

Choose a Make and Model 

Now that you have a budget in place, start to consider what vehicle you want. Read model reviews. Check reliability and safety ratings. View awards. Compare Cadillac SUVs. Do your due diligence to ensure you finance a good car.

Check Incentives & Specials  

With a short list of makes and models in hand, view current specials, offers and incentives. (Don't forget to view our Cadillac incentives in Miami.)

Finance Trough Dealer, Bank or Other? 

You're almost there! One of the final steps before you apply for a car loan online or in person is to figure out where to finance.

Dealers offer the most convenience, as you can simply shop and buy a vehicle without endless phone calls or trips. Banks and credit unions are decent options, too, if you can find a good auto loan interest rate through them. Online lenders are another option, though they are known to offer lackluster customer service.

To each their own.

Then Submit an Auto Loan Application 

Now you can apply for an auto loan!

Fill out the Cadillac loan application above to get started. Or contact Braman Cadillac in Miami at (305) 417-6083 to speak with one of our auto financing experts about your vehicle finance application.